Selling Ad Room On A Site

The important thing here is that you back it up with solid facts. It has all the elements of a great website – SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, and speed optimized. We build websites on Elementor, which makes them easy to manage – no technical experience required. From here, you’ll see the businesses that don’t have a website. As soon as the ranking and traffic has improved, you can sell the site. As an Aussie, I would recommend the Trademysite. com a marketplace. I have a site that ranks #1 in the plastic surgery niche in LA that brings in $2000/mo but can’t sell it for anything.

The way I look at it, is that some prefer to pay someone a few hundred dollars to have a READY MADE SITE. A site that they can just start promoting and or building out further. Coming from “old school’ networking I retired 6 months ago online thank God and my hard work. Compete is a guesstimation of how much traffic sites are getting.

Selling From Website

A lot of useful information in there, and still all perfectly relevant reading it three years later. I’ve been looking into website flipping recently and it seems like a viable online income opportunity. I remember reading somewhere that it usually takes about 6 months to get a site up and running to its full potential, in order not to miss out on potential profits. Wonderful source and with clarity to flip the websites. I am a beginner and would really helpful to follow your guidelines listed above. I am getting into the web developing field and am looking for ways to monetize for when I have some more skills. I have considered buying sites for a while but just didn’t know where to begin.

Many will pay good money for a brand new site with no traffic or revenue, if it has other attractive features. Such as a good design, a hot niche, original starter content, initial onsite SEO, initial offsite SEO, etc.

More so any time I compare that to my very own history where I used to be splitting my time passed between yes, playing games and dreading typically the manual labor regarding a landscaping career. I don’t consider revenue is constantly the fairest approach to get a site (sometimes there is a large audience and it may be really under-monetised or perhaps not at all) so someone may really sell by themselves short.

Similar to Alexa it gets it’s info from installed toolbars and a few other sources. Another great instructional article, Glen and one that is very useful. I also sold some proxy websites for thousands of dollars back in the day. When you first said you sold a site for $550 I was shaking my head all like seriously? But in context as a 16 yr old, it’s quite remarkable.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your openness and honesty about your business and knowledge of the web. The internet has always been just a resource of information to me not a resource of profit. I see your entire blog is based around Flipping so you obviously know what you’re talking about. I definitely like sites that are prebuilt if I want to build something around my passions. If I’m doing it purely for ROI then I’ll go for the types of sites I listed above.